Thursday, August 22, 2019

Brahms Requiem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brahms Requiem - Assignment Example Brahms was highly influenced and affected by his mother and friend’s death and he thought that there was need to perform a requiem mass to console those who were grieving and also to let the dead lie peacefully. As a matter of fact this German artist felt that he had to pay tribute to his benefactor Robert Schumann (Musgrave 5) so that he could always feel him around and have his musical memories as well as the memories of his mother. Franco-Prussian war ended in 1866. This war is believed to have influenced Brahms to compose his requiem to fare well the war’s victims and console the affected souls. There are also several events that happened believed to have influence his composition without any one of them being the exact or main reason behind the requiem but they are said to be the forces behind Brahms requiem. Comparison of Brahms Requiem in line with classical music Brahms requiem was believed to be lengthy and full of empty passages but compared to other performances by different artists, it is so classical and of good quality (Musgrave 8). The slow piano playing makes the message being conveyed to be received as intended and this also makes it perfect for such performances to take place at Ellen Eccles.

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