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Visual Analysis paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Visual Analysis paper - Assignment Example Having emerged around 1910 in Europe, abstractionism disrupted the idea of classical beauty and aesthetics in art. It believed that the first steps towards new concept of abstractionism were made by Vasily Kandinsky, a remarkable painter of Russian descent, who created his abstract watercolors around 1910. Naturally, two world wars made a great contribution to changes in perception of painting and use of abstract concepts in visual art. Abstractionism ran through the works of such prominent innovators of the 20th century as Kazemir Malevich, Mark Rothko, Vasily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian (and his De Stijl group) and Frank Stella. The core of their legacy is represented by the basic principles of abstractionism, though their styles and perceptions of reflecting the reality in painting differ in certain aspects (for instance, Malevich’s special philosophy of suprematism). Specifically, the two most visible approaches seen in paintings of these artists are surely color field techni que and hard-edge painting. Moreover, there are tendencies of minimalism that could be traced in their styles. Among the mentioned artists, Frank Stella’s period of activity began later (which isn’t surprising as the author was born in 1936) and has endured until nowadays. The artists seems to have absorbed influence of abstractionist school and embodied key concepts in his works. The set of directions preferable for Stella includes hard-edge painting, minimalism and post-painterly abstraction. The latter presupposes distinct edges, harmony or contrast of simple forms and monumentality. Post-painterly abstraction finds its reflection in many works of this prolific painter, and – notwithstanding new elements in the style – it is clear from Stella’s paintings that this style is based mainly on traditions of abstract expressionism, lavishly cultivated by Malevich, Rothko, Kandinsky and Mondrian. It could be stated that Stella’s way of self-expr ession through abstract

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