Thursday, October 17, 2019

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Annotated Bibliography - Assignment Example The article was published in the last two years showing that it is current thus more applicable to the current situation. The article applied quantitative research methods in collecting primary data thereby making the results and conclusions drawn more relevant as they were based on a study of real college students. The research uses references that are more than 2 decades old in its theoretical model and theoretical framework chapters thereby bringing into question its reliability. This is, however, balanced out in the discussion chapter where more current research have been used extensively, such that a majority were published in the last 10 years and only two references were published in the last 22 years. The fact that the article is published in a journal lends credence to its reliability as journals have a reputation for only printing peer reviewed articles that have been subjected to extensive checks and reviews. This is a 13 page article, published in 2012, that addresses the subject of stress and strain among college students and how they cope. The article opens up by defining relevant and providing an overview of the article presentation. It then presents the thesis statement – effectiveness of coping mechanism in managing academic stress by the research subjects – and provides background information on stress among college students and how they cope. The literature review establishes that stress is common among college students, especially academic stress. The research employs a quantitative research approach with questionnaires as the data collection tool. The collected data was then used to either approve or disapprove the hypotheses. The study population was 120 college freshmen who included both males and females. The research also applied an experimental approach as it had a test group and a control group. The collected empirical data was then subjected to statistical analysis that determined trends and

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