Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Healers of Our Every Illness Essays -- Health Medicine Finances Papers

Healers of Our Every Illness Introduction Healthcare in the United States continues to be an expanding field. As we continue to increase our knowledge, we are the envy of developed nations for our advanced methods of medical technology. Physicians and healthcare providers are able to cure many of the diseases and illnesses that patients bring before them. As a result of the success of our biotechnology, insurance companies and healthcare groups are profiting considerably. Furthermore, as the government and organizations thrive on the success of technology, they are enabling patients to seek unnecessary care (Califano 1986). Even with our outstanding medical care, millions of people still suffer every year from illnesses that could have been prevented but were not because patients did not have the financial resources to cover their expenses. Our healthcare providers must work at making sure people learn to care for themselves in order to avoid easily preventable illnesses. This process begins with educating the public on how to avoid disease and maintain or achieve a state of well being. In other words, staying healthy and well. In addition to our healthcare givers encouraging healthy lifestyles, the government and insurance agencies need to make quality health care more financially accessible for everyone. Educating the General Public Advertisements to raise awareness Americans have seen an increase of public awareness in education on many issues. Within the past decade, issues such as HIV, the AIDS epidemic, and sexually transmitted diseases have become more prevalent in the media and in our every day lives through advertisements. Organizations have lost tolerance for the spread of illnesses and have thus acted to ... ...history of false-negative papanicolaou smears: a prospective study using screening colposcopy in addition to cytology. Journal of American Osteopathic Association. Vol. 98, pp. 542-6. May, W. F. et al. (1987). Reforming Health Care. New York: Committee for Economic Development. Rovner, Julie. (1998, October). Us Uninsured Still Rising. Lancet. Vol. 352 Issue 9135, p1206. Russell, L. B. (1986). Is Prevention better than Cure? Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution. Schmitz, A. (1991). Eight Myths about National Health Insurance. On-Line. Internet. Available: November 10, 1998. Snyder, G. F. (1988). Tough Choices. Elign: Brethren Press. (1998, October). "Ads launched to find uninsured kids." AHA News. Vol. 34 Issue 40, p4. Atlanta (1998, March). Mennonite Medical Association. Atlanta, Georgia.

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