Saturday, October 19, 2019

Opinion Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Opinion Paper - Essay Example To me, the idea seems to be okay, and I am for the increment in the reimbursements dues to the reasons discussed below. One of the reasons that I see it appropriate for the reimbursements to be increased is to enable both nurses and doctors to acquire the relevant medications and equipments to serve the large numbers of patients. The increase will result in better services being given by the physicians. Increasing the reimbursements may also lead to an increase in the participation of the physicians and the patients access to Medicaid (Bryan, 2004). The reason I prospect this is because most of the physicians have made it clear that caring for those patients who use Medicaid would become an important part of their mission and thereby a campaign for the increment must be carried out. Another reason for the reimbursement increase is to reduce the struggle that the doctors experience while giving their services to the Medicaid population and at the same time keeping their practices financially viable (Herbert, 2012). The main reason why I say this is because, I have had the chance to interact with some nurses and one of them put it clear to me that, they were in a position of accepting more Medicaid patients if they were in a position to afford all what they required finances and facilities and this usually meant an increase in the reimbursements was necessary. To conclude, it is important for the physicians and the nurses to have a clear understanding of the healthcare financial aspects so that they help their clients in understanding the meaning of increasing the existed reimbursements. The financial knowledge affects the nursing care of patients in the health care settings in that, they will have hands-on information on how their funds are used and how an increase in their reimbursements will improve the services offered to them at the hospitals. The responsibility of keeping

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